Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's been so long

Hey Everybody!
I am so extremely sorry that I haven't updated of late. Mum's been running around with her head chopped off and hasn't had time to take photos of us. She is pretty hopeless at the moment.
Nothing really is new at the moment except it has been so hot here of late. This is the hottest March we've had in - well since they started making records and it doesn't seem to be easing. Although this week has been fairly cool - thankfully!
Little Buz has grown to be quite big now, and we're getting along famously. If you call him jumping and biting at my face getting along. I just try to ignore him to hope he goes away but he just keeps at it. Eventually I get over it and will roll on top of him.
Secretly I enjoy his attention.
Secretly I wanna kill him to, but that's just when he touches my toys.
I hope everybody has a fantastic easter and stays safe. Remember - chocolate isn't good for dogs. Or so they say.
Oh and mum wanted to say if you haven't already, check out her blog at Sunday's Best. She'd appreciate it. I'd appreciate some cooperation from her.
Till Next Time -

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hey everybody!
Just a quick update (with no photos though sorry) to say that I have had my bath and I'm finally sparkling again. Buz thinks I smell heaps better... not that I need his approval.
Also, after much thinking (about 3 seconds) mum has decided to start up her own blog about her daily turmoil... It's called Sunday's Best and you can find it here. She isn't exactly sure what is going to go into it but is just planning on letting it roll.
Please tell your skin parents to check it out as she'd love the support.
Anyway - I'm going to get onto her back about some photos now that I'm so clean.
Till Next Time -