Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sick as a hooman!

Wow, it's been a while since I've been able to get on here and update everyone on what's been happening.

My skin mum has been so sick of late and I've been dedicating my time to laying with her and keeping her as happy as she can be. She has been barking! Well, she says its called coughing when hoomans get it. Whatever the case she is on the mend and starting to feel a lot better. She's even headed back to work.

As mum has been sick she hasn't been able to take any new photos of me so instead I'll post a picture of her new car - which she took four wheel driving the day before she got sick.

And here she is driving through the mud

Mum didn't take me this time as she said it was way too hot, but she promises that as soon as the car is on gas and as soon as I have a bath (I stink apparently) then she'll take me. She said I might not like it though as I will be stuck in the back and it might get a bit rough! I'd at least like to try it as it looks like fun when they stop.

Hmmm... What else is new? Oh, my evil companion Pus has decided that I'm his next victim and I'm constantly getting pounced on, attacked, scratched, bitten and licked (Eww) by this evil little fella. Worst of all mum tries to take photos of me just putting up with him! I'm not letting anyone see that I might actually enjoy his attention.

Whatever the case I'm starting to get excited about the prospects of having a little brother as that means that evil little (who is huge for a cat) Pus will soon be outnumbered!

Till next time -

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tagged - 8 Random facts

Wooo wooo WoooOO! Mum has got some new photos of me finally! She said that she had some time (and her new camera) so we could go get some. Of course it's no where fancy (front yard) as she said I'm too smelly to take into her new car! Smelly? Me? Never! Apparently I'm getting fat!?My reaction to mum telling me how pudgy I've been getting! Meh, whatever mum.

Anyway, the beautiful River tagged me for a fun game. Now to me, tagging is new on the blog world as in real life I would have to run around and try and 'tag' you back. But alas, I think I get the idea. So here goes:

Random 8 Meme

The Rules of this tag:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Random Fact #1: I am an absalute attention seeker. I don't care who, what, where or when. If I can get pats or cuddles or kisses I'm there. I used to go to the local craft markets with my mum a lot and she'd always complain on the way home how it took so much longer because everyone wanted to stop and pat me. I have my technique: Sit as tall and as pretty as I possibly can, then wag my tail (which is curved) and then put a paw up. This wins them every single time.Random Fact #2:I love swimming - But first you have to get me into the water with a tennis ball. After that I'm in there for good. Mum always used to complain because we'd go to the beach for a nice stroll along the water's edge as she didn't bring any towels to dry me and I'd always just before leaving, wade out into the water on my own. Just to get the sensation of the cold water hitting my toes.
Random Fact #3: Mum had to get me a girly collar just so people would stop calling me a boy. I know a have a boy's name but I am a girl, really. Granted I act more like a boy, even marking my territory, but I am certainly a girl.

Random Fact#4: I don't like eating carrots. However I eat them. Only because one day I saw mum feeding them to Turps (RIP little rabbit friend) and I just couldn't miss out on it either. So now I eat carrots, pulling funny faces the whole way through it.

Random Fact#5: I hate my back legs and tail being brushed. I also hate the blow dryer. I'm getting better at it because mum has been getting the grooming lady out more often now to try and keep me in my cleanest possible state. I'm cool with it, but she really needs to leave my tail and legs alone! Random Fact#6: I am the happiest girl you'll ever meet! I'm never sad, I sometimes look sad but it's really just a show. I love life. I love everything about it and most of all, I love being with everyone!

Random Fact#7: I go hiking and carry my own pack. Mum has a photo hanging around somewhere - she's too lazy to look for it. And she calls me lazy! Ha! Anyway, I love going hiking and carrying my own gear. I don't however like it when my mum's talkie thing [Mum: My mobile phone] starts vibrating in my pack. It always scares me and I always walk around in circles trying to figure out what it is. Mum finds this terribally funny and always stands around laughing before coming to my rescue.

Random Fact#8: I want to be a movie star! Mum wont let me though. She says that I just don't have the attention span for it and that I'd do more damage then what it's worth on the set. Even though I always promise to behave around all the expensive camera, mum just shakes her head and tells me differantly.

Now, to tag 8 differant dogs - I'll have to see how good I go as I'm only new and don't know many pups on here yet (I'm sorry if you've been tagged before).

In no paticular order:

Amber ; Lorenza ; Niko and Bentley ; Holly

Ok, I could only get four. I'm really sorry!

Anyway, Till next time -

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's been a busy weekend!

So the weekend was extremly busy for my mum. She was sitting next to me this morning and said that she didn't even feel like she had a weekend it was that busy. She hopes that she'll be able to catch up on some sleep soon. Me too as she is always cranky when she is tired. I try to make her feel better by rolling on top of her but she is so cranky she doesn't even like my attempts! She needs some sleep for sure.

I didn't really get to spend much time with mum over the weekend but the times she did see me I found out some great news. Mum picked her dazzling new camera up and she said we'll soon be able to go and take some photos of me somewhere. She said that she just has to get some time. Which is cool. I know she has to work so I can have the best of everything.

She also said that she picked her new car up. I even got to see it through the fence. It's huge! Much bigger then her old car and I just can't wait to go for a ride as it looks so shmick! I'm going to be one cool Malamute driving around in that. It's black with lots of shiny silver on it - and it has really dark tinted windows. I'll post a picture as soon as we get one.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments on my blog! It's been great to meet you all and hopefully you don't mind that I put links up to your blogs. I think I'm really going to like my time around here with the DWB team.

Till next time -

Friday, October 12, 2007

Today is Friday!

Well last night was an interesting experience. Mum sat on a chair for ages getting her hair played with (you know I always find humans funny how they only have hair on their heads) and massaged by her mum.

Then she disapered into the shower and next thing she came down and her hair was a differant colour! Oh my! I couldn't beleive it. I don't know how but her hair changed from a dark blonde to a chocolately brown. I have to admit it looks very nice and almost as yummy as chocolate itself! She did tell me off for licking it though when I tried to sneak a taste.

Last night was lots of fun as mum's boyfriend came around and he tried to get me to do some tricks. I wasn't real interested until he brought out the Smackos.... yum! He had me jumping through hoops - well weaving through his legs at least. His nice, but for some reason he doesn't like my wet cold nose... Mum say's he doesn't like her's either. Oh well, his loss.
I have quiet the variety of tricks that I preform on cue - and sometimes after a few half hearted attempts.
  • I ring a cow bell to go outside - this is my favourite trick. Specially when mum is eating as I hope to get some of her food for being a good girl.
  • Sit, stay, drop - as all good dogs should know
  • Round - I circle my mum clockwise
  • Twirl - I do a circle infront of mum depending on which way she indicated
  • Through - I weave through mum's legs
  • Target - I touch a target with my paw, I can touch up to three targets!
  • Up - I sit on my back legs and put my front paws on mum's hip.
  • Roll-over - I just learnt this last night, it's fun but I still have to work on it
  • Bow - I used to do this when I was younger but haven't done it in ages. I think mum has forgotten that I can bow.

As you can see I know a lot of tricks and I learn heaps more everyday. Mum said she was going to teach me to play dead soon. That'll be fun cause I can trick lots of people!

After all the trick training I got tired so I layed on mum who was laying on her boyfriend and then the stupid cat decided he wanted to lie on all of us! Could you beleive it? Mum got a bit angry and told us all to get off before we suffocated her boyfriend. He's big and strong, I'm sure he can handle it.

Afterwards we all got really sleepy and it was time for me to go outside and to bed so mum could drop her boyfriend home. It was a nice night last night.

When I woke up and was let inside, mum said something about putting the dog gate back up and letting me sleep in the laundry again. I'm not sure whether I will like this but I'm sure willing to try it out. I think she is starting to get things ready for my new brother. Although she said he wont be coming until next year sometime.

She also said that she'll be getting her new camera soon. She said hopefully tonight but she isn't exactly sure yet. She has to ring up tonight about it.

Until next time -

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A day in the life of me...

So here is my daily routine throughout the week. It changes obviously on the weekend.

My days are sometimes boring

7:00am - I get let inside the house. At the moment I sleep outside, I'm rather happy about this decision as I have a really thick coat and generally I get too hot inside. Plus I can go potty whenever I want and I also can see everyone walking by.

Once let inside I always do a happy dance to show mum that I'm very happy to see her and that I had a great sleep and I'm full of energy.

Next I get attacked by the evil cat that lives inside. I try to ignore him even though he bites my tail and face but he just doesn't get it and thinks it's a game. Some times he annoys me so much that I nose him out of the way. And sometimes when nobody else is looking, I'll play with him. But shhh... Don't tell mum.

Over the next half our I generally sit and watch mum eat her breaky and get ready for work. She always makes sure she is well kept and then she'll feed me my breaky. Yum! My fave part of the day.

Mum goes to work at 7:30am and she always seems to be running late. From 7:30am onwards I have the backyard to myself to walk the boundries, check to make sure noone is in my patch and just to chill. I chase birds and neighbourhood cats. I get pats through the hole in the fence from people walking past. I pretty much have the whole day to wait until at 4:30 when mum gets home.

When she gets home she lets me inside and gets my lead and we go for a walk. Sometimes we go with her sister and her little dogs. Their names are Humphry and Quin. They are nice dogs and I like to play with them. Quin is a bit shy and I always have to remember to approach her gently but Humphry loves to play and thinks his one lucky dog walking the streets with two hot girls at his side. Of course, me being the leggy, beautiful self containted model, just lets him think that I pay attention to him. When really I mostly forget his there and sometimes I even fall over him.
We go for about an hour walk and then after that I'm so tired and I just like to hang out on my bed in the backyard. The rest of the night is pretty uneventful. Most times I get let inside to watch tv with everyone.

That's pretty much my day. It sounds boring during the week, and sometimes it is, but on the weekend the fun really starts!

Oh, and one last thing - Mum keeps talking about Boston Terriers. Can't she see I'm too cute to have competition. Apparently this will be relating to me very soon :

Till next time -

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everyone is getting so excited!

So I was just out in the front yard chewing my toys like normal when mum comes out jumping around and looking all excited about something. She grabs me around the neck and gives me a huge hug and says something about me going for a car ride. Now of course I get all excited and pick my toy up ready to go until I realise she isn't talking about today. She is refering to when she gets her new car on the weekend. Humans...

So I thought I'd post some older photos of me, since mum's camera broke and she has got her new one on laybuy still. I can't wait till she gets it off because I love being in photos.
This would have to be my best side.

She hasn't said much more about the 'brother' thing but I heard her talking to her mum about how not this year but the end of next year mum will be adding a new puppy to the family. A puppy!? Is it not bad enough that the cat humiliates me by biting my face and attacking me but now she wants to add a puppy?! I keep letting mum know that I'm not that interested in getting a new brother but secretly I think it would be kind of fun... A little brother I can boss around. Mum said something about it being a Boston Terrier - I did a search on Google and found them to be strange little guys. Here is a blog of one. Niko and Bently Though mum said that my brother would be a black and white one as we don't have the red ones here. They seem to be as fun loving as I am. So hopefully we'll get along fine when the time comes.

Well thats all from me for the moments. Till next time -

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Welcome to my new Blog

Mum said I was allowed to start a blog to document all the exciting things that happen in my life. She hopes it'll also help me make friends from all over the world. I'm not sure exactly how that works, but I'll beleive her just because she acts so much smarter then me - although I know she really isn't.

So a little introduction wouldn't go astray I suppose.

My name is Codie, though I prefer to go by the name of "Codes the Wonder Dog" as I'm so great!

I am a 7yo (7/11/99) Alaskan Malamute who absalutly adores being infront of the camera. I love it, I cannot get enough of it and mum certainly has been able to refine her photography skills on me.

Here I am looking sad - I have so many differant poses.

I also have a love for most things that life has to offer. I love balls, any shape size or texture. Although I do have an obsession for tennis balls - I'm not allowed those anymore.
I also love - and I mean LOVE - going anywhere in the car. To me it is so exciting that I just can barely contain myself.

Here I am in the car - Mum has a new car now

So we'll have to get some photos of me with it.

That's all for now. I'll give you an update tomorrow and post some more photos. Mum keeps saying something about a little brother and I'm starting to worry. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Till next time -