Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hi everyone! Just a quick update (with shoddy camera phone photos)... Mum and her boyfriend came home last night and decided to decorate shoes. They bought some cheap high tops and some paints and used some scrap booking items.
Here I am checking it out and approving... They smell funny!

And here is the finished product. The other one just has a ribbon through some rivets.
They decided to decorate their shoes for when they go camping - they have to wear them every day... Mum said hers are a bit small and her her feet... so that could be interesting.
Till Next Time -

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's on the way...

No photos again today as my mum is the laziest person alive! However just thought I'd let you all know that mum is going to put the christmas tree up this weekend! I'm so excited. It means there is only 25 days till christmas (as she puts it up on the 1st) and I get my present.
She told me this morning that I'm going to love my present! Oh I hope so. I can't wait!
So next update will be with some photos and my christmas tree..
Till Next Time -

Monday, November 26, 2007

Old Nanna

Hey everyone!
Not much to report - didn't get to go four wheeling again as it's just been too hot and mum worries about me in the car on hot days as I've got so much fur. She said as soon as it is a nice day she'll take me. Yay.
Sorry no photos today, mum hasn't had time to jump on the computer at home.
Mum is getting really excited about a couple of things. First Christmas - Now we all know thats a fun time of the year. I was given to mum as a chirstmas present 8 years ago so it holds a special place to me too. Also after christmas mum is going camping for a week. Unfortunatly I have to stay home because I don't have any respect for tents... I tend to roll on them as it's a lot of fun! Then my new brother will hopefully be born sometime at the start of next year and I'll have a new play mate! I'm excited about this one the most.
Till Next Time -

Friday, November 23, 2007

Attack of the killer beast...

Wow - would you look at that... two posts in two days. I'm going for a record now. I hope your all impressed with that! So my story for the day - that cat is evil! I was just laying here sucking on my teddy, it is my fave toy after all. Although I'm partial to the weird spokey toy too, but that's another story.

I was in my own little world, just me and my teddy. We were somewhere nice, where the weather was perfect and there was white sands and crystal blue water... Just me and Ted at the beach...

All of a sudden a black figure stalked close - head low and silently padding his way towards me. I was completely unaware of anything except lapping up my Ted...

*POUNCE* I was knocked to the ground, not having any time to react to such a horrific attack. The cat grabbed hold of me by the throat and bit down as hard as he could.

We struggled and rolled and tossed around. I tried in vain to get him off me and ...

I managed to dislodge him to my leg - which he still proceeded to attack.
I was really enjoying that day dream of being at the beach with Ted too.

Till next time -

(ps- Hope you like the new background... It suits me right down to the ground... whatever that means)

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hi every Doggy!

In advance mum would like to say a huge SORRY to everyone because she couldn't work out the format on this thing - she has tried but hasn't cracked the codes as of yet... so to speak. She will keep trying. In the process she managed to loose all my links! I'm so angry with her right now.

However... She has uploaded some new photos of me! Woo wooO!
So the other weekend mum's other half came round and helped my mum's mum with the gardens - they were a bit over grown. So being the good gal that I am I had to pitch in and help. Although I'm still unsure why I get yelled at when I try to help garden on my own when no body is home.

As you can see this stick was not where it was meant to be, I sniffed it for a while and even considered picking it up and putting it in the green waste bin - however I decided that I didn't want to take the fun away from everybody else so I laid down and watched them all working away like busy little ants.
And then that's when I spotted the grass! Look how long it is! I live down the bottom of Australia where there isn't any jungles but you know what? I think I found one in my very own back yard!
After watching everybody working in the heat I thought of a great idea! Drinks! Everyone would be thirsty so I thought I'd get them all a drink to help ease the heat and keep them hard at it. Only when I got there I forgot what I was doing and managed to drink the whole lot!
After drinking so much water I got the biggest belly ache and was rolling around on the grass like I'd been shot... I hate tummy aches.
As I was exploring I came across this little guy. He wasn't very friendly and kept flying off but it didn't stop me from trying to make friends. I'm a friendly girl who just wants to know everyone.
I also found these two flowers that are so pretty. Although the second one is more weird then anything... I gave them both a good sniff and they seemed to be healthy and fine without me needing to 'garden' them at all.
I also gave the bug a very good talking to, something so small should not be out in bright daylight... A bird could come and eat him! WooWoo.

After a hard days work mum found me here - fast asleep only to wake up to the sound of my name being called. Wow, who knew gardening would be so hard!

Till next time -

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New format promised for the weekend

Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes!

In the morning mum gave me a big kiss and cuddle and said she had a suprise for me when she got home from work! When she got home she said that we were going to the beach! I was so excited! I love the beach. It's one of my favourite places to be. I love the water, sand, everything!
Onto other things - Mum is desperatly trying to find a christmas jingle bell collar type thing that she saw River wearing in his photo shoot... She told me that if anyone could help, if they've seen it online for sale or anything it would be greatly appreciated. Now I personally don't want to wear one, but she told me she'd give me lots of treats if I promised to wear it and pose. Mmm, I love treats!

Mum said that we are hopefully still going four wheel driving on the weekend. I hope we get to go as I've been waiting for ages and it sounds like so much fun. She also said that since she has the whole weekend to herself (her other half is going to Tasmania to visit friends) that she is going to try and update this format of my blog and hopefully get it to something that suits me just that little bit more. It should be interesting because she hasn't done any HTML for a long time... I wonder what HTML stands for.. maybe "Hot Tall Male Labradore"

As always - mum has a ton of photos on her new fancy camera that she took of me when I was helping her other half and her mum do some gardening. Of course though, she hasn't put them on the computer yet. Her excuse has now changed to "But I have dial up at home". Whatever the case she also promised that on the weekend she is going to try and set up a gallary type thing so all my old photos can be uploaded. I can't wait! I have so many!

Oh and lastly - A couple of other pups asked about my brother to be in a prevous post. Mum told me to say that in the new year (hopefully January some time) I will be getting a new little brother. A Boston Terrier. She thinks that he will perfectly compliment my activity level and play levels as they are apparently pretty boistorous. I have to admit that I'm looking forwards to zoomies around the house but not looking forward to sharing anything. Oh and I'm certainly looking forward to ganging up on that cat!

Anyway, until next time -

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Special feature picture show!

Yay! Mum said the big spider - called Harry - is now gone to spidey heaven. She wasn't overly fond about having the little guy extinguished but she said there was no choice and it was either him or her! Well actually it was just that the guy she got to help her at the car wash couldn't see anyway not to kill him so he got a big *WHACK* with his thong (flip flop for americans, mum told me I had to clarify) and the spidey curled up and died! So now I'm happy to go in the back of the car again.
After lots of comments on that last picture mum said I should post the whole set that she took of me on the day. At least she thinks they are all from the same shoot. She said she takes too many photos of me - I say she doesn't take enough! Anyway, here is the rest of the series - I think I've posted most of them before.
I got laughed at this morning - It's not my fault that I was just laying there looking at nothing and just so wanted to wag my tail... Mum thinks it was because I wanted the evil cat to play with it but I hold true to the fact I do not like that cat! He tried to get me really bad this morning, I have bite marks to prove it. Yay! It's almost Christmas! I've never really understood why Christmas is so exciting as I generally just over eat and lay around looking sorry for myself. Which brings me to my next bit of useless peice of information: Mum got me for Christmas when she was 12! That was 8 years ago. Wow - time has flown and we have both grown up so much!
Mum said that in two weekends we're going four wheel driving. We were supposed to go last weekend but it rained too much and mum's tires wouldn't have been able to hold up to it as they are just highway tires. She said the this time she is going to take me and that I have to hold on tight because it's going to be a bumpy ride! I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to show you the pictures.I can't beleive I nearly forgot! It's my Birthday tomorrow and I'm going to be 8! Dog, I feel so old! Mum tells me she wishes I'd act my age though as I'm always doing something crazy. Hmmm, I wonder whether mum has anything planned for me? I know she has to work and all but maybe after work she can take me to the beach! That'd be awesome. I hope she got me a new toy as well.
Anyway I best be off as I don't really have anything new and exciting to say.
Till next time -

Thursday, November 1, 2007


(note: these are all old pictures of me)

First of all I'd like to say a big Wooo Wooo (Thank you) to all of the other pups out there commenting on my Blog. I never really thought that I'd be this popular but I like to think of you all as my friends. If I haven't replied back to you personally then please don't think it's because I don't like you, it's just purely because mum kicks me off the computer and tells me she needs to do work! I am trying to get back to you all as all of your pages are great.
Woo Woo
(thank you)
On to other things - Ouch! The silly evil cat this morning was getting super rough with me! So rough I had to keep popping my mouth at him to let him know. But he doesn't understand dog talk apparently because he kept biting me even harder! I ended up taking my frustration out on my stuffed teddy by shaking it really hard. I'm not allowed to hurt the kitty as mum will yell at me, but she say's I'm allowed to tell him off if he hurts me.
Mum came home all in a fluster last night. Apparently she was buying some horse feed at the store when she noticed a huntsman sitting above her boot. It was on the inside of the boot but the outside of the seal. So if she had of left it, the huntsman wouldn't have been able to get in. However she decided to ask the man at the store to remove it which he kindly tried. But instead of flicking it out of the car he flicked it straight into where the sparewheel is kept on the side and it proceeded to disapere! He took the spare out but couldn't find it and thinks it climed up into a vent that is there. So now mum is a little nervous when driving her car as she is worried it'll drop into her hair when she's driving. I'm a little scared also because it was last seen where I would sit! I'm glad I'm stinky at the moment and can't go for a ride!

Mum dropped a bombshell on me this morning (in between getting bitten on the face by the kitty)... Apparently when my new brother comes, I'm going to have to share my blog! I couldn't beleive it, I just stared at her for a while letting her know I wasn't impressed then walked off with a snort. Share my blog? I don't care how much this little guy is going to help me beat up the Kitty - I don't want to share!
Lastly, sorry about the lack of photos - Mum is sooooo slack and hasn't taken any of me. She says it's hard because her computer is half dead and her laptop doesn't have access to the internet and is hard to get the 'feel' of the photos as the screen is dodgy. Basically she is making excuses - I mean she sits infront of the computer all day at work!
Anyway, Till next time -