Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very safe and wonderful Christmas. Unfortunatly I will not be able to get on and post any more updates for about three weeks as I wont have access to mum's computer.

Also I don't have any new pictures so I'll just leave you with the one above.
Also I'd like to thank everyone who comments on my blog and all my friends who even though I don't always get a chance to leave a comment on your blog always regulary come and leave one on mine. Wooo Wooo! Thanks guys, your the best.
Till Next Time-
I will talk to you all in the new year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Beach

Hey Guys!

Well the other afternoon mum had a bit of free time so she decided she'd take me to the beach if I promised to be good... Well of course I was on my best behavour - until I got in the car, after all I was already on the way, she couldn't just turn around.

It was heaps of fun and I got to run in the sand, although I wasn't allowed in the water as mum didn't bring anything to dry me with or put on the floor.

I don't have any photos because it was too windy for mum to hold me and take photos - I was a little excited and kept running as fast as I could to the end of my lead.

However here is a photo of my jeep. She's beautiful isn't she?

Two - just because I love her so...

On a differant note - Mum has informed me that even though I'm still going to be getting a baby brother - it just wont be the one we saw in the picture. Unfortunatly the 'breeders' seemed less then repertable and mum has decided to wait just a little bit longer for that perfect pup.

We will keep the name list and everything else for when the perfect little brother for me comes along. Good things come to those who wait.

Till Next Time -

Monday, December 10, 2007

Evil Cat!

Hi Everyone!
Well as you know the Evil Cat - dubbed Pus, has been my enemey since day one (although I secretly enjoy playing with him). He was just sitting minding his own business for once, probably thinking up evil plans on how to attack me next when mum picked him up and deposited him right infront of me wearing a little something 'extra'.

As you can see, mum couldn't wait to try the hoodie she bought for my new brother out so the smallest pet in the house is the cat... Woo Woo - He did not appreciate being dressed up, in a Pup hoodie no less.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to get a little revenge... as you can see he had no option but to lie there for me to attack!

He did try in vain to fight back but cats don't seem to have much balance when they wear clothing and all he could do was flop on the floor.

Victory was mine!
As you can see (above) mum has made me put up a ticker to inform you how old my baby brother is. When he is 8 weeks old he'll be coming to live with us. Woo... I am getting excited now even though I'm dreading sharing my blog.
Mum also really likes the names Visa, and Cashew (Cash for short) but she isn't 100% sold on them yet. Her boyfriend keeps saying they are silly names. The saga continues.
Thanks for all the nice comments about the photos... I don't think it's my mum's ability to take nice photos - just my abilility to make them look nice. Also she uses an Olympus E-10 and loves it, even though she doesn't know all the features yet.
Till Next time -

Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh Christmas tree...

Hey everyone!

Well as you can see mum uploaded the photos for me. Yay!

It was a fairly warm day when mum put the christmas tree up, here I am helping her as best I can. Teddy was upset though so I had to do a little 'conforting' for him. After a good chew I got straight back to work and helped with the rest of the tree.

Here it is fully up. I find it strange that we have to build trees when nobody builds them outside... they kind of just keep getting bigger. This one smelt funny too. I've never smelt one like this before. As you can see mum did a very bad job of filling in holes on the tree, she said that she hated putting the tree up as her mum bought the biggest one she could find and that if she did a bad enough job she wouldn't have to keep putting it up. So after the tree went up mum decorated it with very pretty decorations. She had a lot to choose from but only used as little as possible - saying somthing about christmas trees should not take three hours to decorate. She put pretty lights on it and then it was time for me to step in...
Posing is what I do best...

Even the cat got in on the action - I felt bad afterwards for thinking it but I really hoped that the tree would fall on him.

I did some more posing for mum to snap up loads of photos.

Then I smelt something yummy and my tongue just flopped right out. I was hot, hungry and thirsty and all mum wanted was that 'last photo'...

So I gave it to her. Woo woo.

Good news!

The little boy puppy is going to become my baby brother. I'm secretly a bit excited because everyone looks like they have so much fun playing bitey face with their siblings and friends and it'll be good to have someone to teach the ropes.
Mum got the news this morning and has already gone out and bought a few things for him. She gets too excited, this one.
We've loved all the names suggestions so far, my fave is of course Dbff... Mum still isn't convinced on the idea though.
She has a few that she has thought of as well, so far we have (including your suggestions):
Doppler (Effect) {It's a pretty cool thing, something to do with sound waves}
Olympus (mum uses this brand)
These are some new ones that she likes:
Dorito (mmm can I eat him?)
Rogan (Josh)
Coke (acola)
And she really likes Dante, it means lasting so that's kind of cool.
Anyway, keep the suggestions coming. The wakier and weirder the better as mum likes to name after objects - I'm lucky I didn't get Carrot.
-Till next time

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm so angry!

Hi everyone.
I'm extremly angry as I promised you all pictures of my christmas tree - but mum hasn't put them onto the computer for me yet. She said she has been really busy and her computer has cracked the poopies... Well I have too!
On a side note - I did have my very first ride in mum's new Jeep yesterday and let me say one thing:
I loved it. I used to fall off the back seat in her old car as I was too big but now I get the whole wagon to myself! I can go from side to side and when mum winds down the back windows I can sit with my head in the middle and get wind from both sides... Pure joy, thats what it is.
I can't beleive I'm going to help mum after what she has done to me (which is ruin my life!) by not putting the photos on the computer, but I love her still and I said I would, and I always hold up my end of the bargain, unlike her.

Apparently my new baby brother might be coming a bit sooner then first thought (Not sure if I should be happy or not about this) and she is having a mental block for names. She likes Bender and Nibbler but knows they are pretty common.

She is a mad digital photographer (when she wants to be) and would love his name to be something relating to that... Or relating to black and white as he is a Boston Terrier. So if you guys have any suggestions we'd love to hear it.

It's already started, his taking over my blog!

Here is a sneek peak of the little blighter, he may or may not be available we just have to wait a bit longer to see. As you can see he has a little white tip on his ear - that is kind of cool. I vote we call him Doofusbrainfartface but mum didn't really like that name. She said it was too long... We could just call him Doofface for short?

Till Next Time -